Renovation Update May 2022

  • Sprigs have been laid from the middle of 6 through 9 green.
  • Bunker shaping is complete on the front nine and the shapers are moving on to 18 and then back to 13/14.
  • We have started to line the bunkers with a liner called Sand Guard by Porous Pave. See their website for more info on the liner.  It is a great material that let’s water through but keeps dirt contamination out.  The crews have also installed sod around the edges and on the faces where it would be difficult to grow in sprigs.
  • The sand is the same as The Valley Club at Montecito uses, but we added 25% limestone to brighten it up a touch since the normal material is fairly brown. It stays on the slopes extremely well and doesn’t leave “Fried Egg” lies.
  • Mulch is going down all throughout the front nine.
  • Tee complexes are being finished on the front 9.


We look forward to welcoming you to the course soon.  Please feel free to reach out by email at at any time with any comments, questions, or concerns.


Eric Ullrich